NAHRA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes and defends the human rights of Nicaraguan migrants and refugees who had to flee their home country due to persecution.

Government repression and human rights violations in Nicaragua since April 2018 forced 100,000+ people to flee violence and seek refuge in other countries, mainly neighboring Costa Rica and the United States.

The ZERO TOLERANCE policy and anti-immigration sentiments have contributed to the REVICTIMIZATION of those affected by the genocide in Nicaragua.

Immigrants in deportation proceedings do not have the right to free representation. Without a lawyer, many will likely lose their case and be sent back to the nightmare they were escaping. For many, deportation is the equivalent of illegal incarceration or worse, a death sentence.

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Volunteers are the backbone of the work we do. Ongoing volunteer opportunities include assisting asylum seekers in filling out paperwork, preparing translations, interpreting, visiting detained asylum seekers and lending your talents for various administrative tasks in the organization. You decide the amount of time and the activities in which you would like to collaborate. We need you in order to be able to continue to assist the vulnerable population we serve.

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